"Doing  the right thing at a time ​it matters most."


Our Mission is to deliver the highest quality service that promote safety, affordability and great customer service.

​ In-home Consultation

  •   Gather detailed information and service request 

  •   Answer questions you may have 

  •   Assist with long term care insurance claim process,  if applies 

  •   Review the Grievance Process and the Referral Service Agreement

  •   Work with you and your family member(s) to determine how to best provide for your needs.

Tropics Home Care Services Inc. is a non-medical corporation based in Boynton Beach, Florida since 2010.  We are family owned and operated by dedicated team members who have  established new standards in the quality of home care services.

 As a company,  we are committed to ethical and legal conducts that are in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.  To ensure compliance with such laws, we developed policies and procedures that serve as guidance and information to employees, agents and our independent contractors, otherwise known as caregivers.  

We deliver services with maximum quality and efficiency while promoting safety and affordability. Services offered are designed to enhance the quality of life and to preserve the  dignity of the elderly and disabled individuals in our community.  

Our approach includes focusing on quality and customer service.

About Our Company

Work Environment

Everyone is  a contributor to creating and maintaining a great work environment.  We work hard to ensure our caregivers and staff members feel empowered to deliver the best possible service and experience a rewarding career. Our Commitment  to a healthy work environment is achieved by  ensuring  our caregivers and staff members work in a safe environment, receive the support needed and  are rewarded  for delivering quality service.

Core Value

We believe that everyone we serve is family. Our success depends on building strong relationships with our caregivers, staff members, clients, and family members. To accomplish this adhere to the values of integrity, respect, diversity, teamwork, quality, and responsiveness.

Our Process

Prior to your service start date, we complete a free in-home consultation with a complimentary home safety check. The In-home consultation is in the format of an interview.  Based on the information we gathered during the in-home consultation

 and your input, we will assign, on your behalf, a caregiver with the personality, experience, and skills needed to provide ​you with the best possible home care service. Clients do have the right to the full interview and termination process.

Tropics Home Care Services, Inc.

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